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Logo & Visual Identity
1 month

The Company,

Bracket is a forward-thinking web development studio dedicated to crafting bespoke digital solutions for clients spanning various industries.

Specializing in creating customized websites, web applications, and digital experiences, Bracket seamlessly blends creativity with functionality to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

The Challenge,

Bracket faced the challenge of visually representing its commitment to web development through a minimal logo that resonates with its selected target audience.

A logo that symbolized the ideals of the company while keeping a clean look in tandem.

The Goal,

The team at Perkk set out to design a logo for Bracket that boasts its expertise in coding and web development, exudes professionalism and modernity - but most importantly stand out and have a unique and different identity.

The Idea,

The rationale behind the logo concept is one that integrates a stylized 'B' with a bracket symbol, signifying the studio's proficiency in coding.

Consequently, the double underscore subtly nods to Bracket's expertise within the coding environment.

Through clean typography and a modern blue palette, the logo aimed to idealize Bracket's innovative spirit and set it apart in the digital landscape.

The Outcome,

Bracket's logo stands as a bold representation of its expertise and innovation in web development.

The fusion of selective, clean and tonally sound elements within the body of the logo brought to life a persona for Bracket that the team at Perkk worked tirelessly to bring to life.

With clean typography and a modern blue palette, Bracket is a logo that aims to stand out in its market, and speak volumes with a look that is filled with boldness and clarity.

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