Reinventing businesses with an innovative and agile approach, Clarium.


Logo & Visual Identity
1 month

The Company,

Clarium helps customers reinvent their business and reach their full potential with its innovative agile and customer centric approach. Clarium main specialisation is in digital transformation, cloud transformation and testing services for various industries which makes it a niche provider of end to end services using latest technologies.

The Challenge,

Clarium faced the challenge of establishing a distinctive identity in the competitive digital market. They sought to communicate their innovative approach and niche services effectively.

The Goal,

Our goal was to develop a compelling brand identity and logo design that would reflect Clarium's agile, customer-centric ethos while highlighting their expertise in digital transformation and cybersecurity.

The Idea,

We crafted a clean, minimalist logo that embodies Clarium's values of clarity and security. The design features an element, Clarium, easily differentiating itself with a unique color - symbolizing a standing-out character.

The use of clean typography combined with a glass asset reinforces Clarium's transparency and expertise in their field, By seamlessly integrating these elements, we successfully captured Clarium's identity and positioned them as a leader in the digital landscape.

The Outcome,

Our collaboration with Clarium yielded a transformative brand identity. The sleek logo design, with its modern aesthetic and dynamic elements, captured attention and conveyed Clarium's innovation. This cohesive identity distinguished them in the digital landscape, instilling confidence in clients and reinforcing Clarium's position as a trusted partner in transformation and cybersecurity.

The outcome solidified Clarium's reputation as a leading agency, paving the way for future growth.

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