A profound commitment to sustainability, innovation and community.


Logo & Visual Identity
1 month

The Company,

Tricity embodies innovation in the e-mobility sector, providing electric vehicle charging, automotive detailing, and a welcoming café experience.

The company fuses cutting-edge technology with a warm, community-centric atmosphere, creating a distinctive destination for EV owners..

The Challenge,

Tricity sought a brand identity seamlessly merging its diverse services, appealing to business professionals, and reflecting its values of sustainability, innovation, and hospitality.

They turned to Perkk to realize this vision.

The Goal,

Perkk's mission was to craft a minimal, versatile logo for Tricity, capturing its essence, amplifying brand recognition, and integrating across various platforms and materials, from charging stations to digital assets.

The Idea,

Tricity's logo fosters a dual symbolism: the letter "T" forms a tree-like structure, symbolizing sustainability and a greener future, while also resembling a charging station, the core of Tricity's services.

With a minimalist approach, the logo speaks volumes, reflecting modernity and innovation.

The addition of an orange hue infuses a sense of community and warmth, inviting individuals to connect and engage with the brand.

The Outcome,

Alas, Tricity's brand identity embodies its intended personality, creating a unique and memorable identity in the e-mobility landscape.

Equipped with a daring task of fusing e-mobility with warmth and a community hub, the brand identity boasts an appearance that reflects its unique nature.

With Perkk's touch, Tricity stands out as a beacon of modernity, innovation, and sustainability, setting a new standard in the industry and leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter it.

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